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The design of the LifeWalker Upright includes features that provide benefits not available in current walkers



Adjustable armrests and handles that enable users to stand tall and look ahead, providing better support and stability than conventional walkers.

The LifeWalker Upright's design allows the user to walk within the walker’s footprint, creating a contained, safe environment, as compared to existing walkers in which users walk behind the device. 

The LifeWalker Upright incorporates a high tech metal frame built for stability and strength, giving users a greater sense of security and the confidence to walk longer and become more active.

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Upright Armrests See the World Again

Stand upright with confidence and dignity

Comfortable armrest


Easily folds for extra storage


Caliper brakes for safer stopping


Shock absorbers ease over thresholds and uneven surfaces

Robust frame for safety

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