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“It lifts you up spiritually and physically” 

“I've tried other walkers, but this one keeps me more erect and it takes a lot of the pressure off my back and my knees and my ankles. There's a lot less pain so it makes me want to get out.”  
- Grandison

"I'm no longer trapped in my house!"

"What I love about my UPWalker is the freedom that it gives me. I'm no longer trapped in my house. I feel alive again. What a blessing it is to spend more time again with my grandchildren"  
– JoAnne

"A better alternative to walkers!"

“I find that patients are able to walk farther and more confidently on the UPWalker, which can contribute to their recovery. I prefer it over less stable, less beneficial alternatives available to our patients.”

– Melanie, P.T., M.P.T. with VIP NeuroRehabilitation Center, San Diego

"Inspiration to push myself again!"

“Having completed 20 full Ironman triathlons, fitness was a cornerstone to my well-being.  After being grounded by a combination of spine damage and Parkinson's disease, with the UPWalker I now have the freedom to travel the world and exercise without the fear of falling, which has provided inspiration for me to push myself again. I recommend the UPWalker to all who are beginning to encounter instability and trouble walking, but still want to stay active”.
– David

UPWalker® is the Revolutionary Breakthrough in Upright Walking!


"I cherish life again!"

“My name is Erika and I’m a resident at New Start CLHF.  I had a very traumatic incident in which I became paralyzed and in an instant was a quadriplegic. I was admitted to this hospital, placed on G-Tubes, Ventilator and told that I would most likely never walk or talk again...After several months, they let me try a product called the UPWalker and I was able to take a few steps. The UPWalker really gave me the confidence and support I needed to regain at least a portion of what was my normal life. With the help of the UPWalker, I can now take longer walks with improved walking gait..I’m so thankful for New Start CLHF and my new UPWalker. I “cherish life” again which is amazing from how I felt when I arrived several months ago.”

– Erika Pascual

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