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NEW UPWalker® Neuro: Designed to Meet Therapeutic Needs of Users with Neurological Conditions

San Diego, September 10, 2021 -- We are excited to introduce the UPWalker® Neuro, our newest upright walker designed to meet the specific needs of neurological patients and therapists who treat this population. The UPWalker Neuro delivers all the features and benefits of the original UPWalker along with enhanced safety designs and functions to help those with neurological and movement disorders.

Key enhanced features of the Neuro include:

- Armrest angle adjustments for hemipelagic and other patients with limited arm movement or muscle tone (angle can be set anywhere between straight ahead and perpendicular across the body)

- Backup prevention mechanism on both rear wheels to reduce the risk of retropulsion

- Speed control resistance brake to manage the pace with which the UPWalker rolls

- Rechargeable motion activated safety light that illuminates the user’s path

The UPWalker Neuro is currently available with free shipping and standard accessory package. Standard accessories include a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag. Optional accessories include a luxury personal item bag, shopping bag, smart phone holder, cane holder and flashlight.

UPWalkers are the only upright walkers that are ISO Certified safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Here is a link to our recently issued news release announcing the UPWalker Neuro. Also attached for your reference is a copy of the release and a product factsheet on the UPWalker Neuro. Additional information on the UPWalker Neuro can be found at

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