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Two weeks after open heart surgery - post op update

Released from Sulpizio Heart Institute a week ago; now two weeks since heart surgery. Writing this blog helps me focus on results and outcome of the surgery and also use of LifeWalker post-op.

I use LifeWalker constantly , not because it's something I and our team created; it's the first time it has been used for rehab of a heart surgery patient both in the hospital and at home recovering, and I want to understand its benefits as well as those things that need improvement for others. This is pretty much how I began work using the early prototype; it's effective product research and development work.

So, obviously surgery was effective and I can tell that a number of ways; my legs no longer swell and have returned to normal; I had severe eczema on the tips of my fingers for a year. They would split like paper cuts; painful and annoying as hell - completely healed in two weeks. Dermatologists never picked this up.

Still, good sleep eludes me for a variety of reasons; too much of one Med; too little of another. Docs are still fiddling around with the right balance, but boy, the meds side effects are strong. I am dizzy often and feel weak; this is where LifeWalker has been such a help. I use it here at home keeping it with me everywhere I walk, even though it's a bit large in our condo. I could use a cane but would not feel nearly as safe nor stand and walk as well and comfortably as I do with LifeWalker. Not saying it would do for everyone, because if a small, fragile person were to do the same, it might feel too large. For me it is perfect.

I walk with it every day three times along the street by our condo and I use an iPhone app named MotionX to manage distance walked. I do it slowly understanding that my body will let me know when I may walk faster and further safely. Right now doing a bit more than a mile a day. So, add around the house perhaps a total of 1.2 miles. I absolutely believe I couldn't do this without my LifeWalker. I am hooked on it!

I'm a lucky guy!


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