10 things to Consider to Prevent Falling

The National Council on Aging has made today its annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day…and with good reason. Someone somewhere right now is having a nasty fall that will cause a 911 call and a trip to the ER. The person will be lucky if a hip or arm isn't broken, or there is no concussion. I’ve lived this. My wife has had many falls and three severe concussions. In one case she was knocked unconscious and we thought she had fractured her skull. Our company is in the business of creating products for healthy aging, but those like us can only do so much to help others remain stable and safe. Physical therapists are usually called upon after a fall, when it’s too late! So what are 10 things you

Post Open-Heart Surgery, Day 20!

I walked 2 miles rehabilitating in my LifeWalker yesterday; 19 days after open heart surgery! It was a thrill that I could do that. The exercise was done one mile in the morning and one again in the afternoon. I was pretty much at my limit at the end of each exercise set. Finishing dizzy and with weak legs meant that it wouldn't have been possible without the support provided by a LifeWalker, where I could add some upper body weight and control to the armrests. It kept me feeling safe also when otherwise I would have been too unsteady to complete the course I had set for myself to travel. According to what I read, daily walking creates better blood circulation allowing healing to take pl

Two weeks after open heart surgery - post op update

Released from Sulpizio Heart Institute a week ago; now two weeks since heart surgery. Writing this blog helps me focus on results and outcome of the surgery and also use of LifeWalker post-op. I use LifeWalker constantly , not because it's something I and our team created; it's the first time it has been used for rehab of a heart surgery patient both in the hospital and at home recovering, and I want to understand its benefits as well as those things that need improvement for others. This is pretty much how I began work using the early prototype; it's effective product research and development work. So, obviously surgery was effective and I can tell that a number of ways; my legs no longer s

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