Can Upright Walking Help Kyphosis and COPD?

Kyphosis, an excessive outward curvature of the spine that causes hunching of the back, is often seen in the spines of elderly people on medical walkers. Osteoporosis and calcium loss weakens spine bones, sometimes resulting in fractures that heal in a wedge form causing the bend once called "Widow's Hump," as it was seen most often in elderly women. Doctors tell us that this forward curvature of the spine puts additional pressure on the heart and lungs. When someone has COPD, a progressive lung disease that includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma, the effect causes additional stress that may worsen health and make breathing more difficult. When we designed the LifeWalker® Uprigh

Ataxia – One of Many Causes of Falling

Have you fallen this year, or has someone you love fallen? At my age or older, almost half of us will fall this year! Most of us know of someone who has recently fallen, and there are many articles written about the subject. Professionals dedicate a lot of effort to help people prevent falls. But the numbers keep rising. Why? Among the reasons for the rise are ataxias -- balance disorders caused by changes in the back of the brain. Technically, ataxia is incoordination or clumsiness of movement that is not the result of muscle weakness but is caused by cerebellar, vestibular, or proprioceptive sensory dysfunction. A specific type of ataxia – a debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative n

New Learnings About Assistive Upright Walkers

After more than three years of study, I have learned that those using medical walkers want the dignity of standing straight with good posture. They want what we all want -- to walk with freedom wherever they wish; to feel comfortable and safe when walking; and even more, the ability to have an active, healthier life. There is the medical health part of this, and the daily active living part. I understood this only after working quite a while with my wife Jean and designing our first upright walker. Now, having traveled to clinics to have rehabilitating patients use the LifeWalker and physical therapists help them, I get it at a level far deeper than ever -- the LifeWalker is a life-changer f

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